Defence contractor locates WiFi in secure data centre with HackHunter Pursuit

Secure data centre

Organizations in the defence, government and law enforcement industries operate secure areas where all portable electronic devices are prohibited, including data centers.

This manages the risk of eavesdropping or security compromise.

These organizations need to locate WiFi which should not be in their environment (unauthorized WiFi) and investigate it to see if it should be there.

Their existing method

WiFi routers were used to detect unauthorized WiFi and alert the security team.

The trial

The Defence contractor trialled the HackHunter Pursuit tracker for one month in their environment.

They performed repeatable tests to detect unknown or unauthorized WiFi and locate the WiFi source for investigation.

So what happened?

During the trial unauthorized WiFi was located in the secure data center.

The WiFi source was not detected by their high-end routers (HP Aruba).

On investigation, they located an unauthorized WiFi device in the data center which was being used legitimately, but the network and security teams had not been informed.

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