Bug sweep locates potential back door using HackHunter Pursuit

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure (TSCM) companies specialize in locating and removing “bugs” to counter surveillance and espionage.

Many of the “bugs”, including listening devices and hidden cameras, use wireless communication technologies such as WiFi.

Their Existing Method

A commonly used Spectrum Analyzer is used to locate WiFi in the premises being swept.

The Trial

The TSCM company has been using a HackHunter Pursuit tracker in bug sweeps to locate WiFi.

They have found the HackHunter Pursuit locates WiFi sources quicker than the commonly used Spectrum Analyzer and with stunning accuracy. 

So what happened?

On a recent bug sweep the Pursuit located an unauthorized WiFi source which was a potential entry point into an organization – a Telstra (ISP) dongle (mobile WiFi access point) which couldn’t be located using a commonly used Spectrum Analyzer. 

The organization being swept had employed contractors to care for their indoor plants who had installed mobile WiFi access points (APs) to transmit data on hydration levels over the internet to their own IT systems.

This created a “back-door” into the organization which could be exploited by attackers.

Once the unauthorized WiFi was identified, Pursuit also determined which devices were connected to the AP. These devices were located using the Pursuit and checked to ensure they had not been compromised.

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