Insurance company locates hidden WiFi devices within 15 minutes

Insurance companies, as members of the finance industry, are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) which requires quarterly WiFi audits to detect unauthorized WiFi (rogue access points), locate and remove them. 

Their Existing Method

The Insurance company used their WiFi routers to detect unauthorized WiFi and alert the security team. 

In one case, the routers identified unauthorized WiFi in a general area, and, even though the WiFi source was in plain view, it still took three hours to find it via visual inspection. 

The Trial

The Insurance company trialled the HackHunter Pursuit tracker for one month in their environment.

They performed repeatable tests:

  • Walking through their Head Office;
  • Identifying unknown broadcasting WiFi access points; and
  • Locating the device within the premises.

So what happened?

HackHunter Pursuit was successful in finding unidentified WiFi access points.

They reported that “With little experience, we were able to locate hidden devices within 15 minutes anywhere in the three floors of our office space.”

The insurance company has become our first overseas customer (Canada). 

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