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At HackHunter our mission is to make sure that WiFi is used for good. Because of our many years in the security industry we know that WiFi is inherently insecure. Even with new WiFi standards like WiFi 6, communications can still be hijacked or stopped using evil twins or person-in-the-middle attacks. We also know there’s no easy way to find the source of unauthorised or malicious WiFi so it can be dealt with. Until now.

Founded in March 2018 by Tracie Thompson and Mike Thompson, HackHunter brings cyber security and IoT together. With a keen focus on innovation and invention, we also use additive manufacturing – 3D printing – to produce the casings for all of our products, reducing waste and allowing greater oversight over the manufacturing process.

We are also actively involved in the BSides Melbourne, CyRise, Startmate, SBE Australia and Thingiverse communities.

Startmate Melbourne 2018

CyRise cohort 2 2019

2019 Tech Program

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Meet the executive team

Tracie Thompson, CEO

Tracie has led HackHunter from idea through three accelerator programs to product launch. Previously she was co-owner and COO of a security consulting and software company, managing two successful business exits.  Tracie is also an industry and startup mentor, championing women in tech.

Mike Thompson, CTO

Mike is an IoT expert with over 25 years’ experience in information and cyber security. He has worked as a CISO, a security consultant to over 50 organisations and provided investigatory and advisory services at the highest levels in government across topics as diverse as biometrics and satellite surveillance systems.

Mair Swartz, Technical Lead

With a background in electronic engineering and over 20 years in IT, Mair has led teams at Dimension Data and Oakton Consulting. He is an expert in react and micro-controllers and generously shares his knowledge through his courses Learnesp32 and LVGL Academy, teaching students to write firmware.

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Meet our advisors

Aprill and Matt Allen

Aprill and Matt are the co-founders of Pick and Shovel Ventures. Matt previously worked for AWS to help develop the Australian startup community and Aprill focuses on helping founders build and understand their knowledge bases so they can efficiently grow their customer support and success functions. Together they have 30 early investments in Australia, New Zealand and San Francisco.

Gilad Bakas

Gilad has over 20 years of experience in securing and breaking the security of anything from operating systems and browsers to embedded systems and hardware micro-controllers. Gilad was previously on the board of MazeBolt Security and he is a mentor at CyRise Cyber Security Accelerator.

Julian Claxton

Julian is the Managing Director of Jayde Consulting, Australia’s most well-regarded provider of technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM – bug sweeps) and espionage prevention. Julian has extensive experience in physical and technical surveillance and security, covert surveillance detection and insider threat identification.

Edward Farrell

Edward is the CEO of Mercury Information Security Services and is an experienced cyber security penetration tester. Edward teaches the WiFi security course in the Cyber Security Masters’ Program at UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy and is very active in the cyber security community.


A world where wireless technologies, such as WiFi and bluetooth, are used for good.


  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Making security accessible
  • Defensive, not offensive
  • Creativity and invention
  • Listen to the Customer
  • Unleash the brilliance within
  • Excellence in delivery
  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Making security accessible
  • Defensive, not offensive
  • Creativity and invention
  • Listen to the Customer
  • Unleash the brilliance within
  • Excellence in delivery


To safeguard identities, money, information and lives through ensuring WiFi is used for good by accurately locating WiFi sources.

Our Journey

Get to know the HackHunter team

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