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The Pursuit WiFi Tracker

Actually locate the source of WiFi to within centimetres or inches

How it works

Detects and locates the source of WiFi transmission to within centimetres or inches – in real-time – and alerts if it’s malicious

The exchangeable battery cartridges in action

Know exactly what WiFi is in your environment

APs and devices using WiFi

Detects, tracks and locates WiFi APs and devices…

Find specific devices

Detect, track and locate any WiFi transmitting device…

Rogue access point audits, floor walks and WiFi audits

WiFi network traffic analysis

Go in-depth with your data

Use our Insight analytics platform to monitor and understand your WiFi environment in-depth, generate automated reports and analyze the way your environment changes over time. Or you can take all the rich data our sensors provide and feed it straight into your own SIEM, SOC or Syslogs etc., to analyze your data the way you want.

View all your APs (and we mean all)
See a list of all the APs you've ever found. Use complex filters, hide and rearrange rows in the table to customize the experience to your liking, and find out which APs in your area are potential security risks with the tips and insight you need to take action.
See changes over time
With the change summary you'll be able to see exactly how your WiFi environment has changed over time. New APs, missing APs, any list changes or security risks found - you'll be able to see all of this rich data and more at a glance.
More to come
These are just some of the features we've developed so far. We love collaborating with our customers to build custom solutions to their WiFi problems so if you have a custom requirement, get in touch! info@hackhunter.io

Pursuit tracker in the field


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