Vision Continuous Monitoring Sensors

24/7 real-time visibility of all WiFi devices in the environment

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How it works

Provides real-time continuous detection and configurable alerts so you always know what WiFi is in your environment

WiFi audit

Continuously detects and reports

WiFi network security

Automatically detects and alerts on network vulnerabilities, threats and risks 24/7

Cyber security response - Blue Team

Real-time detection and response 24/7

Go in-depth with your data

Combine your sensors with the Insight analytics platform and get a whole suite of features like network visualisation, powerful and manipulatable data grids, data export, timeline navigation (like a CCTV system) and configurable alerts

Visualise your Network
Network View shows you all the WiFi devices in your environment at a glance with our interactive bubble chart. See all networks and connected devices in the area, in real-time. And there’s more data under the surface to drill down into
Manipulate data however you like
With the Insight analytics platform’s powerful data grids you can group data, select any and all the data you want to analyse, and filter with pre-set variables or your own. You can search on any text wildcard like MAC address or SSID; Device category such as camera, IoT or WiFi pineapple; or even the Manufacturer like Apple or Huawei
Control your data
Export the data from any grid (Excel or CSV) and any part of the bubble chart (PNG) for easy embedding in reports. You can even send data straight to your own SIEM, SOC, Syslogs etc.
Control timeframes with ease
Move through the timeline to evaluate network behaviour at any specific point in time (like a CCTV recording system)
Always know what’s happening with configurable alerts
Create your own custom alerts to match your unique environment and needs. Real-time alerts are sent when a predefined pattern of behaviour is detected, like Huawei devices within a specified zone, a specific MAC address, or even if a WiFi Pineapple spins up nearby
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