HackHunter Pursuit – a Lifesaver for CTSCM (Cyber Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

The HackHunter Pursuit WiFi tracker is a “lifesaver” in Cyber Technical Surveillance Counter Measures sweeps according to Valkyrie (GB) Limited (posted on LinkedIn):

“Today VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED conducted an early morning CTSCM (Cyber Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures) Inspection. Our long-standing client asked us to do a CTSCM on their private residence in London. The property had 26 access points which we had to locate and remunerate. We used a new piece of equipment called ‘HackHunter,’ which assisted us in locating all 26 access points. It is a great addition to our equipment arsenal and assists us with neutralising the threat of rogue access points such as WIFI pineapples etc. As well as conducting the Cyber infrastructure review, the TSCMI and the structured cabling checks, this additional service really adds value to our service and assists with protecting client’s privacy and reputation…We have used it several times on jobs, and it’s a lifesaver. You would be surprised when we ask clients about the locations of the access points as well as how many they have; they don’t know, so this is great.”

The original Valkyrie LinkedIn post shared by HackHunter CEO Tracie Thompson, and then commented on again by Valkyrie
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