One of the most valuable tools in our TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) threat detection arsenal

Find out why the HackHunter Pursuit WiFi tracker is one of Jayde Consulting’s most valuable threat detection tools according to Julian Claxton:

“HackHunter’s Pursuit is now one of the most valuable tools in our threat detection arsenal. As a professional technical surveillance countermeasures firm, we need to ensure we are capturing and analysing all radio frequencies, often during a short period of time at a client’s site. The 802.xx protocols have typically made detecting threats from friendlies in the Wi-Fi spectrum challenging, resulting in lost time trying to track each channel using generic software. HackHunter’s Pursuit has dramatically changed this – for the better.

Our team has used various iterations of the Pursuit, seeing the product deployed on every one of our engagements. Its ease of use means that multiple operators can learn how to use it in a very short period of time, with phenomenal results.

We have identified well over a dozen unauthorised wireless routers and several connected devices (including mobiles) across our corporate and government client base. These routers typically circumvent the organisation’s security protocols and can leave our clients grossly exposed. In most instances, they have been installed to allow access to websites otherwise restricted on an organisation’s ‘sanctioned’ internal networks, or due to poor Wi-Fi reception internally. Such access means that files can be uploaded from company servers, virtually invisible to corporate security teams. Furthermore, audio and video surveillance devices using rogue transmissions can send critical conversations or images offsite, with little to no chance of detection, but for a time-consuming physical search. Until now.

Whilst there are plenty of software suites that will detect such threats, in our experience only the HackHunter Pursuit can locate these rogue devices to the centimetre – and fast! This is where the Pursuit really earns its keep.

The level of accuracy, ease of use, and packet capture feature (for further analysis via HackHunter’s portal) offered by this product makes it exceptionally valuable to anyone sweeping client tenancies for evidence of covert surveillance, and/or the unauthorised exfiltration of sensitive data.”

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