AISA award for the 2020 Cyber Security Start Up of the Year

Cyber security tools to detect and actually locate unauthorised and malicious WiFi

Our Pursuit WiFi portable tracker has everything you need


Detects unauthorised WiFi


Alerts if unauthorised WiFi is


Locate the source, anywhere,
to within a few centimetres

In real-time

Trusted and supported by

Know exactly what WiFi is in your environment

Enumerating a network

Insight analytics platform

WiFi audits and floor walks

Drone detection

Find specific devices

Drone controller detection

WiFi network traffic analysis

Track it to the source

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HackHunter in the field

Purpose-built for cyber security

Built by cyber security experts to detect and  find the source of unauthorised and potentially malicious WiFi, to within a few centimetres, so it can be investigated fully.

All of our product casings are 3D printed from recyclable materials.

The complete HackHunter solution for WiFi security


Portable Tracker

Detects unauthorised WiFi and alerts if it’s malicious, tracking and locating the source to within a few centimetres, in real-time


Continuous Monitoring​

Accurately analysing transmitted WiFi packets in real-time, our sensors monitor your network 24/7 and provide in-depth analytics


Drone Detection

Designed to blend in with its surroundings, the Air drone detection unit continuously monitors for WiFi-operated drones, providing in-depth analytics for both the drone and the controller separately


Analytics Platform

Seamlessly integrates with security management systems, providing in-depth analytics and trend analysis

Custom Tracking Templates

Detect and locate any characteristic, trait or behaviour in WiFi traffic with our bespoke templates

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HackHunter in the media

HackHunter's Pursuit WiFi tracker has officially launched!

Featured in the Australian Financial Review, HackHunter Pursuit is ready to take on unauthorised WiFi networks. The Pursuit WiFi tracker, is portable and detects and locates the source of unauthorised and potentially malicious WiFi with precision.

In a trial with an ASX 50 listed company, the Pursuit WiFi tracker found one Wifi device hidden under the floor that the company had no idea about and another device hidden in a bag that was remotely switched off as we approached with the Pursuit WiFi tracker.

HackHunter has just won the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) 2020 Award for Cyber Security Start Up of the year. Awarded for an organisation less than 5 years old that has brought to market a unique product innovation around cyber security.

Download a PDF copy of the press release below.

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