HackHunter Pursuit – a Lifesaver for CTSCM (Cyber Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

The HackHunter Pursuit WiFi tracker is a “lifesaver” in Cyber Technical Surveillance Counter Measures sweeps according to Valkyrie (GB) Limited (posted on LinkedIn): “Today VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED conducted an early morning CTSCM (Cyber Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures) Inspection. Our long-standing client asked us to do a CTSCM on their private residence in London. The […]

Insurance company locates hidden WiFi devices within 15 minutes

Insurance companies, as members of the finance industry, are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) which requires quarterly WiFi audits to detect unauthorized WiFi (rogue access points), locate and remove them.  Their Existing Method The Insurance company used their WiFi routers to detect unauthorized WiFi and alert the security […]

Bug sweep locates potential back door using HackHunter Pursuit

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure (TSCM) companies specialize in locating and removing “bugs” to counter surveillance and espionage. Many of the “bugs”, including listening devices and hidden cameras, use wireless communication technologies such as WiFi. Their Existing Method A commonly used Spectrum Analyzer is used to locate WiFi in the premises being swept. The Trial The TSCM […]

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